» Syncing is back! «


Sorry for the delay but I had to rewrite the jobs that are collecting the data from Steam. However, syncing is back again and will catch up all data during the day.

To (hopefully) prevent this from happening again, in future all data will be synced once a day. You can see in a group's overview when the last full update happened.

And while I was on it I also fixed some minor bugs and also cleaned out some groups (all of them that weren't used during the last 2 months)

Please let me know if you encounter anything strange.


» Data out of sync «

It looks like that due to the rising amount of users this site syncs with Steam, Valve blocked the server's IP and therefore I'm currently unable to collect all the necessary data. Especially the wishlists are not up to date, please use with caution. I will check what can be done to get around that and hopefully get things back to normal. I will keep you posted.


» SSL encryption implemented «


Starting today you can browse your favourite groups even safer than before.


» SOLVED: Problems with wishlists «


Issue fixed, all wishlists will be updated again. Please note that due to this error the wishlists got erased and must be imported again. This may take a few hours. Latest around 10:00am UTC all should be fine. Please let me know via Steam chat if anything is not as expected.


» Problems with wishlists «


As you may or may not have noticed, Steam changed the design of the wishlist. Since this is one of the few parts that need to be parsed directly from the site itself rather than via one of Steam's APIs, the group wishlists here will not be updated at the moment until I adapted the script accordingly.

I will keep you updated here about the progress.

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